MAK Designs is pleased to now be offering Lutron Cellular Shades in addition to their window treatments.

What are the benefits?

  • Conveniently adjust shades
  • Save energy
  • Enhance your decor
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Affordable pricing

Ease your baby into naptime by quietly lowering Serena shades using a wireless control. With one touch you can lower shades to block bright daylight, even when you’re holding a sleepy baby in your arms.

When you’re getting ready to unwind after a busy day, you obviously need some privacy. Why not close Serena shades with a wireless control—and once you’re relaxing in the tub—open them to enjoy the view.

Open shades in your sunroom are a gateway for heat and glare. You can easily block the sun’s harsh rays by using a wireless control to close Serena shades from anywhere in the room.

Eliminate glare and create the ultimate viewing experience in your media room with Serena shades. When you’re ready to watch a movie simply close the shades using a wireless control from the comfort of your couch.

Your foyer window—which is probably difficult to reach—is the ideal place for a Serena shade. You can conveniently close the shade to block sunlight or create privacy using a wireless control.